"Coris’ cast, performing
without microphones, played the
show honestly sincere...  The 90
minute presentation was brisk,
goofy and a lot of fun."

"Jeff Pierce was funny as the rusty
Birdie trying to get his hip-shaking
muscles back in business."

-Michael Dale
Cast Members:  (l-r) Doug Chitel, Dana Barathy,
Juson Williams, Denise DeMirjian, Jeff Pierce
(kneeling), David Perlman, Blayne Levin, Maria
Maloney and Desiree Davar
"Jeff Pierce was the reluctant Birdie, especially effective in the scene where he sings
You Can Never Go Back while his body starts to gyrate
and his voice takes on Presley mannerisms."

"...performances were sold out, squeezing every human possible into the Duplex..."

"Mr. Strouse was beaming and sent his warm reaction to the company..."

"Bring Back Birdie was a major bright spot in the theatre year...
Bravo to one and all.
Make that a standing ovation."

-Rob Lester
EDGE Entertainment Contributor
Artistic director Suzanne Adams,
co-artistic director and stage director
Hector Coris