"Colleen Hawks' sweet unadorned soprano voice cajoles the audience out of their seats and sets them smack in the imaginary world of her songs.
You could almost hear a collective sigh as the last crystal clear note of her wistful solo faded."

"Colleen Hawks puts her own stamp on the role and quite literally takes our breath away with her talent and beauty."

"Colleen Hawks breathless blonde creation is entirely her own.
She oozes bimbo allure, sings with showgirl savvy, and dances up a storm, from saucy high kicks to acrobatic adagio lifts.
Hawks is a lovely and supple musical luminary, the kind they hardly make anymore."

"Hawks is sublimely perfect as she coos, giggles and flirts in the charismatic manner that was heart-stopping.
Hawks also reveals darker tones, offering moments of genuine sadness and despair.
Her performance is worth the trek to Kirkwood."

"Colleen Hawks is a toe tapping, cute, energetic gangster’s moll with a really big voice.
As long as musical comedy exists anywhere this girl will never be out of work."