"The piece is comic and clever...  
Halvorson has gathered a bouncy and
talented cast to deliver the comedy,
rapture and pathos of the story."

"Jeff Pierce (Marvin) and Martin Fox
(Whizzer) harmonize in tenderness, strife
and grief."

"...a powerful display of friendship,
acceptance and enlightenment."

"You may need tissues by the end, but
you won't be sorry you saw these
characters achieve their
best selves."

-Alicia Anstead,
Bangor Daily News
"Jeff Pierce as Marvin and Martin Fox as
Whizzer make sparks fly as they express
their mutual passion for each other and
wonder if it's love or lust."

-Astra Brinkmann,
the Maine Campus
"...the play's about a gay guy
named Marvin on his quest for
happiness in the '80s...  ...but
mostly it's about a troubled
rollercoaster ride of love and

"As much fun as you can have while
contemplating AIDS and family

"...a hugely talented professional
cast... may find yourself
rolling in the aisles and tearing up
at the same time."

-Ellen Booraem,
Ellensworth American
Ian Barrows
as Jason
Directed and
choreographed by
Nathan Halvorson
Tina Marie Casamento
as Trina
Martin Fox
as Whiizzer
Scott R.C.
Levy as