Photo Retouching is my specialty.  If you have blemishes, want whiter
teeth, more of a tan, trim off some fat, just about anything is possible.
$25 flat fee per photo.  I can e-mail it direct or put it on a disc and mail it
to you.  Below are some examples.  Contact me at
Above is an example of a
professional actors headshot,
retouched and framed, with more
vivid colors to pop and get noticed.

To the right is an example of
removing something unwanted in
the picture.

To the left a more drastic removal
was inacted to get rid of all the
"crap" my friend didn't want
messing up her picture with Ice T!
Combining two or more pictures is a way of making
one fabulous picture.  In the example to the left,
two members of the family were not ready for the
shot.  I remedied the situation by combining a shot
taken right afterwards with the original photo so
everyone could look their best in the family Luau