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“Jeff Pierce is a commanding presence on stage and has an absolutely wonderful voice.  His performance of the famous Soliloquy builds to an emotional crescendo which left me breathless.”

“Pierce’s Curly is amazingly persuasive in the bunkhouse encounter with the surly farm hand, Jud.  Anyone who can inject an air of credibility to “Pore Jud” is doing something very right.  Pierce nails it.”

“Jeff Pierce has got a marvelous sweet voice, the good looks, muscular build and aw-shucks character to fit the part.”

“Jeff Pierce lifts the play to a new level with his simple and skilled performance.  Pierce is able to bring a sense of truth and depth to the stage that is often missing in musical theatre while also possessing an uncommonly beautiful singing voice.”

“Jeff Pierce  …displays typical Southern charm, warmth, and humor, drawing you into the character's story from the very start. Pierce also plays the 17-odd other characters in the piece, often having conversations with himself as all the different POWs in the camp and displaying an impressive range of dialects and accents. As a Brit, I was impressed that his English (and Scottish) accents are spot-on. He also gives each character a unique physicality, very hard to do when jumping between characters in the space of a line or two, but something he has great success at. He has some tough transitions at times, playing a character reduced to tears through loss or devastation and then switching back to the main character and continuing the story in Jackson Taylor's unhurried, friendly manner. It is a great testament to his skill as an actor … that it was so easy for the audience to follow him.”
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